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OMNI-Test Laboratories Listed
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Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd passed all of test projects that according to  U.S Standard  UL 103 -2006(R2012) by OMNI Laboratory  in America at Oct 16, 2015. The diameter of the pipes are included  5” ,6" 7", 8”, UL 103-2006 standard which is the highest grade and the strictest requirement in the chimney industry. The max test temperature reach to 2100℉(1150℃) in 3 times heating , and the max load is the 4 times of the design value as requests.

Before have the certificate issued ,  OMNI appointed  one of their foreigner engineers came to inspected  the head office of Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Suzhou Industrial park, they checked  production field management system , quality-control files, lab and the factory self-inspection in  scientific and strictly. They judged all of the projects passed in one time , after they have finished all of works of inspection to the factory. 

As the company  products have reached U.S UL 103 -2006 standard , It based upon persistence on developing and research, continuous improvement and efficient cooperation by all units of company . It also approved  that a magnificient reward shall come through with  many years of hard working  . It's an honor of the enterprise product policy in specialization, brand culture and internationalization for the company . 

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