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On 25th July Rainbow Models 5,6,7,8 inch Diameter Solid-Pack Chimney System listed to Canadian Standards:

CAN/ULC-S629-M87(R1997)-Standard for 650 ℃Factory-built Chimneys.

On 6th July  Petroleum and petrochemical industry chimney Engineering Technology Center settled in Suzhou Rainbow.



On 28th Dec. Wang Yong-President of Rainbow award The New Economy Leader Of JiangSu Province Of The Year 2016


On 16th Oct. Rainbow Models: 5,6,7,8 inch Diameter Solid -Pack Chimney System listed to U.S.Standards ( for All Models):

UL 103-12 Standard for Factory-Built Chimneys for Residential Type and Building Heating Appliances



In May ,we designed and Manufactured the free standing sleeve steel stack in 80mm height for the first time in our company.

In April, we finished the CE testing for more diameters.



On Oct. 17th ,we passed the factory inspection by TUV in 2013,furthermore,we finished and passed the witness test of wind load in our factory. At the same time,we got the CE certificate for carbon steel pipe, and T600 temperature testing for the twin wall stainless steel chimney.



On August 25th ,We successfully passed high-tech enterprise inspection.

On June 4th, our Developing Department was established ,further preparing for company listed in public.

On April 18th, We successfully completed steel stack standard inspection.

On February 2nd “Blue Ocean Charity Foundation” was established in Suzhou Rainbow.



On January 10th ,Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd .got ISO 9000 quality management system certificate and ISO14000 environmental management system was approved.

On July 2nd ,Suzhou Rainbow got importing & exporting rights.



Suzhou Rainbow won a qualification of high-tech enterprise in SIP.

On May 25th, dirty clothing well products were mass-produced in oversea workshop.



On Sep.18th Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded.


In July, Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd got the European CE certificates which marked our products has reached a new level in the world market and would play a more and more important role in chimney markets.



Suzhou Rider Fireplaces Co., was founded (www.rider-fireplace.com)



On July 7th ,Suzhou Rainbow Huading ventilation Engineering Limited Co., Ltd was founded.



On May 18th ,Suzhou Rainbow Huading Chimney Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Completed phase One for the production with modern factories and advanced equipment.



On February 28th ,Suzhou Rainbow Huading Chimney Manufacturing Co., Ltd (www.szhuading.com) was founded.




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