Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment  Co.,Ltd  was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in SIP ,Suzhou , started with a family owned  factory that produce  industrial and stove chimneys in Suzhou China. Now she has became a group company who has about 80000 square meters area manufacture facilities separate located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Chengdu ,Tianjin in domestic China .

By company grow up and business expanding also the expectationsof our clients , we worked hard and  only focused on developing , manufacturing and marketing  for all metallic conduit of various media for high temperatures. Which a wide range of residential chimneys for hotel  , prefabricated stainless steel chimneys in Spigot locking system and Twist locking system , steel stack and otherindustrial exhaust pipes such as self-supporting chimneys,cable-pre-stressed chimneys, steel-tower chimneys and chimney clusters.

Since 2003 , Rainbow has became one of the leading manufacturers in China . We earned its high reputation as the industry leader and the nation chimney standard organizer.  We have obtained  ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate , CE and UL103 HT ,ULC S 629 .

By excellence of engineered for many projects ,Rainbow has its capacity to provide the solutions for all the venting systems .Not only to meet the demands of today, but go beyond it . 
Twist Lock chimney system
Spigot locking chimney system
Stove pipe system
Industrial chimney systems
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